Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's a Beautiful Day for Room 126! Project Update

I'm super duper excited to report that 13 generous donors have funded my first project in full!  My thrilled students and I are so thankful and want to wish a sincere thank you to those that helped us meet our goal of ordering six Hokki Stools for our small group, "u" table.

Special thanks to my family members, friends, friends of my friends, colleagues, parents within the Salem community and even two anonymous donors for thinking of us.  Not only have they donated funds, but have left many thoughtful messages too.

I asked my first and second grades to come up with ways to say thank you, so I'll let them say it best...

"Thank you so much!"
"We think we will do better on our studies!"
"We appreciate what you have done for us."
"Thank you for the Hokki Stools.  We can't wait to get them!"
"Thank you for being such a good community member to our class."
"You have been so nice to us."
"We will welcome you in case you want to come visit us!"

What an awesome day for us!  We definitely felt the season of giving today.

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