Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Hippity Hoppity Spring Time Craft

So, due to lots of snow days, one hurricane day, 100th Day and Valentine's Day (on the SAME day), my traditional winter craft simply did not get done this year.  I usually use three recycled cans to make adorable snowmen and snowwomen wind chimes with the kids.  Come March, I still had loads of cans taking up my back table.  So, a new craft was born--spring bunnies.  We do have snow on the ground, but I thought this idea would be more appropriate.  We recently read an informational text article in a big book on cottontails during a finding the main idea mini-lesson, so it was perfect!  They came out really adorable, so I wanted to share.

First, I gathered three cans (of different sizes) for each student.

Second, my firsties sponge-painted all three cans (outside only) using either a white or a pink acrylic paint.  It has to be acrylic or it will flake off!  They dab, not rub the paint...

Third, we took the smallest can and added two eyes, two ears (cut from foam board), a pink pompom for the nose and two white pompoms for the mouth part.  I used hot glue.  The kids were in charge of passing me the add-ons.   Of course, the paint dried first. It took a day, overnight.

Fourth, I got a nail and hammered it through each can in order to make a hole in the can's center.

Fifth, we used a heavy twine and strung the cans together.  At the bottom we tied a wooden bead so the string would stay.  At the top, we made a loop to hang the wind chimes.

Check out our recycled can, bunny farm.  These are some bunnies!

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