Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Classroom Cheers

The end of the school day can be pretty chaotic!  After all, there is homework to gather, backpacks to pack, lunchboxes to remember and a whole lot more.  Throw in winter, and there's scarves, gloves and boots upon other things.  I don't want the last impression my students get of leaving me to be running out of my classroom community frantically trying to catch a bus.  So, I utilize a "Cheer of the Day" to bring a structured day to a peaceful and consistent end.  Each cheer description is written on a card that gets pulled out of an actual Cheer detergent box that I have emptied out.  I go over the cheer directions and we do the cheer, together, for a total of three times.  The used chair gets placed in a separate basket so it does not get repeated.  Here's one of my favorite cheer cards, the Cheese and Grater.

Then, students are dismissed by coming up to me to get their Homework Folder.  Lastly, they go to their locker.  That's not all!  Each student must give me a high five before I dismiss them to the bus lines, after school program, or to their families.  This is my way of providing my students with an appropriate and fun closure to our busy day.  Children (and adults) of all ages love these cheers!

A number of teachers have asked how to get the cheer cards used at the end of each day.  Thanks to the talented Dr. Jean, you can print them out, in color, for free from her June, 2004 newsletter by clicking here.  There are over 30 cheers for your students to enjoy. 

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