Friday, August 17, 2012

Just Uploaded--Read and Write the Room Search Bundle!

It's definitely past my bedtime, but I have just managed to complete uploading my collection of Read and Write the Room Searches.  Just click here to be linked to them.  These include over 40 templates that follow the scope and sequence of your typical first-third grade phonics programs.  Students will search around your busy classroom for words with

•digraphs:  th, ch, sh, tch
•endings:  le, ng, er
•chunks/ word families:  -an, -ell, -ip, -ump, -ote, -ail, -ame, etc.
•compound words
•vowel teams:  oi, ai, ou, etc.
•and much, much, more!

I have these searches copied and placed in labeled file folders in a large tub.  My students love to grab a magnifying glass, pair of glasses, clipboard and word pointer and "go to town" in my classroom detecting as may words as possible.  These activities are perfect for a center, review, or as "What to Do When I am Done" projects.  For my next project, I will be getting ready to upload the second bundle that goes along with these searches--"Word Hunts."  

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  1. Just a quick note, folks. I've updated this item to include some large clip art and a "Read and Write the Room Scavenger Hunt" sign. You can use them to decorate a file box in which to hold the hunts. Enjoy!


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