Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mr. Giso's Room to Read's Bright Idea #2

"I'm done..."

When asked how I keep such a well-managed classroom, my first response is that I keep my kids busy all day long.  There is no down-time in my classroom.  I offer no free choice, work/ homework passes, free time earned by filling a marble jar, or even a time when my students eat snack without being engaged in instruction.  If you keep your students engaged in quality instruction from the beginning of the day to the end, I guarantee you will notice a difference in you classroom immediately. Behavior problems occur in classrooms when downtime is offered.

One thing my first graders will learn quick is there is always something to do in Mr. Giso's classroom.  The words "I'm done" are banned from the first day of school, as there is always the next project to start.  As a visual, I simply have a "What to Do When I'm Done..." sign.

I simply add projects with sticky notes as the year goes on, and as I introduce them.  On the first week, there is one sticky "Enjoy Your Books," because that is all that has been explained.  Next, I add "Finish Ups" once projects accumulate that students have not been able to finish.  In the past I had a board with Velcro, etc., but this way is quite easier and serves its purpose well.  This visual is key to keeping students busy, thus keeping them from having the time to misbehave!  Be sure to become a follower of my TpT store for updates which include some of the items you see in the photograph above.  

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