Friday, October 5, 2012

Columbus Day Project Alert: Make a Set of Informational Text Posters

Research proves that students naturally gravitate towards informational text.  As part of my "Informational Text" area, I have a display board which has the name of the informational text feature and an example.  It's all done in Velcro, so that I can easily take off the labels or the examples for teaching purposes.  I have created a set of posters that uses child friendly language in the first person.  I printed these posters out and searched through free sample texts and cut out neat examples of each feature.  These are the results.

Here are all of the posters.

I use these as I introduce each feature to my students.  We refer to these examples when appropriate.  They stay up as a reference.  They are exactly what's needed to address informational text in an appropriate way to our youg readers.  I also print these posters to make a book.  This serves as an Informational Text Scavenger Hunt.  I have students search though old Weekly Readers and Scholastic News for each feature.  They glue it on to complete their hunt.  For the complete set of directions and to download this item, please click here.

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