Thursday, October 4, 2012

Good Reader Strategies Bundle

Look at my Good Reader Strategies Visuals.  I designed them due to my being unhappy with the manner in which our core literacy program introduces these skills that are so important.  I have just finished hanging them up.  They look great as long as the fire department agrees, they will stay up this year!  Just in case, I hung them up with clothes pins that I hot-glued to the wall.  Easy up, easy down.  I also can take them down easily as I teach them.

This new item in my TpT store features not only the 9 reading strategies I teach, but also a reproducible I have designed that you can use to introduce each strategy whole class, and then use it all year round for guided reading, independent reading time, homework, small group work, etc.  They can correlate to any core program or be used as mini-lessons in themselves.  

Here you see writing a summary, making connections, visualizing and asking questions. 

Here you see clarifying, predicting, having feelings, using word power and using fix-up strategies.

These great sheets introduce the strategy and can be used multiple times throughout the year to reinforce it.

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